This is a course that I developed while on a NIH grant to review the research in composition and learning and develop a new kind of freshman composition course. 

You can read about the development of it here  (the page will open in a new window or tab).

And here is some of my rationale for the assignments:  (coming soon)

English 111  ­  College Composition I
Don Maxwell  ­  Fall, 2001

Invitations to Write

About Writing

The World of Ideas

Invitations to Write

  0  Description of the Course (Syllabus)

  1 How Do You Feel Right Now?
  2 Memorable Experience
  3 The Nacirema
           The Sacred Rac
  4 Favorite Place
  5 ToiletPaper
  6 Neighborhood


  7 Interview
  8 Resume
     9a Danger! (in-class writing)
  9 "Dangerous" Place
10 Cover Letter
11 Boxes
12  The Question & The Quest
           Reporting The Quest
13 MidCourse Correction
14 Trouble!
15 Newspaper
16 The Other's POV
17 Write a Letter
18 Quiet Place
19 Essay Exam Simulation 1
20 Essay Exam Simulation 2
21 Purses
22 ReVision
23 Self-Assessment

       ...That's all, Folks!


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Some Things About Writing

Responding to Writing

Grammer [sic] Made Easy...

Common Sense for Writing Clearly

"Good Grammar" (dialects)

Visual Things (spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc.)

Arguments & Papers

Researching & Reporting

Attribution & Documentation

3 Major Errors in Research Reporting


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