By the time I turned 65 and changed careers from teaching to flying (i.e., retired), I had spent all but my first four years and two of three army years in school, in one capacity or another--some 59 years altogether. 

I was employed as a teacher for 40 years in schools and colleges in Nigeria, Spain, the USA, and China. 

And I was a student for more than 24 years, including three different high schools, an army school, three grad schools, and two flight schools.  (The years don't add up neatly because of overlap when I was a half-time grad student, with half-time teaching jobs.)

And did I manage to learn something useful in all that time and in all those schools?  Well, I think so--but you'd better judge for yourself.  Here are some considerations:

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How I (a school hater) became a teacher (coming soon).

Being a Teacher

Freshman Writing

Talking at Teachers About Teaching Writing

}  these two go together
Hasty Miscelleny For A Talk About Teaching Writing

Conversation about teaching - Tom & Phyllis & Don

Freshman Composition Course 

American Literature Course (coming soon, too)

How Do I Love Thee - a very short story

There's also a forum here, where you can post your comments and exchange ideas with other people.  Several of the "considerations" listed above have their own forums, and there's a general forum about "Learning Teaching" for everything else  (And there's separate forum for the rest of the site.)

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