Experiments in Scanning
Three-Dimensional Objects


While Xeroxing my hand one day I got to wondering about how a round object would turn out.  The only round-ish object at hand was my own head, so I plunked it down on the glass and fumbled for the COPY button. The result was a bit strange--but it started me thinking about plunking 3-D objects down on my flatbed scanner.  You can see some of my experiments by trying the links below.

Scanned images differ from photographic images in several ways, lighting and depth of field probably being the most obvious.  There are more subtle differences, though, that affect the way I feel about an object and its image.  I'm not sure I'm ready to describe these just yet, but maybe you'll get some ideas of your own from looking at these images.

If you try direct-scanning yourself, I'd be interested to hear about your results--and to see some of them.

Lego People
Double Happiness
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy--in yer face
Portrait 1
Portrait 2
Tempus Fugit
Still Life #1
Thumb's Up
Crescent Moon
Honest Abe
Read Me
Tomato 1
Tomato 2
Tomato 3
Tomato 4
Inside a Card House
Mother Nature's Belly Button
Bugle Bell
Paper Clips
Daffodils by Barb, with explanation of her technique

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