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Patagonia -- some photos from a 2017 expedition

"The Vision" -- a few low-grade personal moments of clarity (in progress)

Lost Ones -- please help me find some old friends

Scanning 35mm slides and 3-D objects -- doing strange things with a flatbed scanner

Building an airplane -- how I've constructed a SeaRey amphibious flying boat from a kit

Learning Flying -- how I became a "certificated private pilot" and how I'm still learning

Beauty & Truth --  some things you might want to know

"Less is More" -- more than you might want to know

Zeal -- about our friend, the impeccable trumpet player, Zeal Oniya

Learning Teaching, including --
  • "Freshman Writing" -- an old essay that I'm sorry to say is still relevant
  • Being a Teacher
  • A conversation about teaching
  • College courses in composition and American lit
  • "How Do I Love Thee?" -- the first story I wrote as a grownup
  • The Sound of Poetry -- about getting a poem off the page, breathing life into it, and waking it up
and several others
The Eat-To-Liver's Emergency Cookbook -- no apologies!

Residual Category -- obsolescent blather:

Crabby Letter to the Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Palm Stuff -- a few Palm Pilot, Palm III, etc., things

Email Styles and Formats Netscape and. Eudora don't communicate with each other too well, and the rest are worse.  What to do about it.

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