Handy-Dandy Home-Made See-Through Palm-Protector

Here's how I keep my Palm screen from damage--make a transparent, hinged cover.

This is easier to see than to describe.  Here's a very crude diagram to give you an idea:

I make two rectangular pieces of transparent plastic, one to cover the screen of the Palm and the other the size of the top end of the Palm.  Then I use transparent plastic packaging tape to hinge the two rectangles together and a second piece of tape to hinge and the top piece to the back of the Palm.

I can see the screen through the transparent plastic, and a flip of the wrist gets it out of the way when I want to tap or write on the screen.  Because there are two hinges, the cover can either hang over my Palm hand, or it can swing flat against the back of the Palm, between the Palm and my palm.

On a rough surface, the cover doubles as a stand, holding the Palm up at about a 45 degree angle.

I make the pieces of transparent plastic from the lid of an audio casette box.  I use a regular plexiglas cutter, but anything that will scratch plastic will work just about as well.  I scratch the casette box lid a few times where I want to break pieces off--and then break them off.  I sometimes use a pair of pliers to break the side pieces off the lid.  Then I smooth the edges with a file of sandpaper--or just scrape them smooth with a knife blade.

By the way, I usually carry the Palm in my shirt pocket, even though it sags and probably screws up my shirts.  To help keep it from slipping out of my pocket when I bend over, I keep a wide rubberband around the Palm, between the hard buttons and the bottom of the screen.  This provides just the right amount of friction on the shirt so that the Palm doesn't fall out very often.  (And when it does fall out, the rubber band keeps the batteries in place.)

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