Selected Areas
Some U.S. Sectional Charts
for use with
Palm Pilot/Palm III

Atlas displays bitmap maps and uses data from a GPS receiver to display the current position and to move the map as the position changes.  Bitmap maps are prepared for Atlas using GPSPilot's companion program, Cartographer.

GPSPilot also produces FlyingPilot, which uses GPS data for aeronautical navigation.  FlyingPilot displays airports, navaids, cities, and personal waypoints.  It also displays one's course, heading corrected for wind, true ground speed, and the distance to any selected point (such as an airport).  It does not display terrain maps, but switching to Atlas quickly shows the current position over the bitmap map.

These sectional chart bitmaps are for demonstration and experimentation only.  I scanned them from sectional charts that were valid at the time of scanning, but I have not updated them.  Therefore, they cannot be relied upon to represent current charts.

Sectional Chart Contains airport/city
Number of grid rectangles
NW Lat,  Long & SE Lat, Long
Washington Richmond, VA
almost 4
37.9,-78 & 37,-77


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