Richmond Montessori School

The only alternative to traditional teacher-centered education in the Richmond Area

Ages 2.5 - 14

Rated by Child Magazine as having one of the 10 best preschools in America

--but much more than a preschool

 RMS is on a wooded campus at 499 Parham Road, about a mile north of the Ed Willey Bridge over the James. The enrollment is about 200 happy kids who are generally excited about what they're learning.

What makes RMS different from other schools? I'll spare you the educationist bull: the kids are the focus of everything, and learning is from concrete to abstract, not the other way 'round, as is typical in traditional schools.

 My own two kids attended RMS until they got too old and had to leave. They both have said many times that it was the best school they've ever been to. (And they've been to schools in Iowa and China, in addition to local middle schools and high schools and well-known colleges, so they have some basis for comparison.)

 Even after they left RMS as teenagers, I felt so strongly about the school that I worked on the Board of Trustees for some 12 years, until November, 1995. I wouldn't have done that if I hadn't believed in the school--left only because I became too busy with other, less important, things.

 For more info or to visit the school and see for yourself, phone 740-0040 of visit

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Photo:  My son Chris took this while we were flying by at 1,200 feet one day.