Concentrating Don Maxwells

As far as I know, the greatest concentration of Don Maxwells occurred in East Lansing, Michigan, on a Sunday morning--I think it was July 14, 1967--when my father Don and my setpmother came to visit me and Carol. Without telling them why, I packed everyone into the car and drove to a nearby apartment where I knew the Don Maxwell whose mail and mine had often gotten misdelivered lived.  Got everybody up to the door and knocked.

The guy was in his pajamas.  I said, "Don Maxwell?"


"Well, I'm Don Maxwell and this is my father, Don Maxwell."

He didn't say anything right away, but his wife appeared behind him, so I said, "And these are our wives, Mrs. Donald Maxwell and Mrs. Donald Maxwell."

At that my father Don snorted and my stepmother Mrs. Don started to giggle.  My wife Mrs Don didn't say anything, nor did the other Don, who was probably uncomfortable about the pajamas, but his wife Mrs. Don gave off sort of a whoop.

Finally Don invited us all to come in and we shook hands all around.  We didn't really have to introduce ourselves further, but we did anyway, trotting out Mrs Don first names and everyone's middle names, and all.  Don went and got a bathrobe while Mrs. Don served us all coffee, and we had a nice little chat.

And that's the story of the largest concentration I know of of Don Maxwells.

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