We were in the sixth grade when this photo was taken, so I think that must have been in the spring of 1948.
I think they took the class photos in the gym that year, so we didn't have to squint into the bright sky.

Here are my best gueses about who's who:

Top Row: Mary Renner, Jim Geisinger, Alan Kruger
Third Row: Sally Nash, Loretta Lorz, Elsa Mautz, Martha Louise Cummings, Joan Leighton, Anne Hunter, Anita Fleenor
Second Row: Rosemary Finezia(?), Francis Emsch, George Coleflesh, Nels Wickland, Dick Gaebler, Dave Cartner, Todd Maxwell, Gaynelle Smith
Front Row: Roger Drinkall, Alice Wochele(sp?) Suzanne Horth, Marlene Fioretti(?), Linda ???, Carolyn Baker, Margaret McCammon, Guy Hunt

Thanks to Anne Hunter Jenkins, Elsa Mautz Stafford, and Derry Muehlhauser for their help with several of the names!
If you can help with the others, please let me know.

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My family moved to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in 1953 and then to Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1954.  I kept in touch with some of these kids, but then I joined the army and later went to college, lived in Nigeria and Spain for a while, then Michigan, North Carolina, Missouri, Mexico, Virginia, China, and back to Virginia--and have lost track of them entirely now.  But they've been having their own lives, too, and I'd love to find out how they are, what they're been doing, and all.

Whoops!  Here are a few updates--

Dick Gaebler flew Skyriaders in Viet Nam.  My wife Carol happened to see his sister Peggy's engagement announcement in a Lansing, Michigan newspaper, in 1967, and that led me to Dick's mother in Ohio, who wrote to Dick.  He and I traded a few letters, and he sent me this photo, on which he'd written, "My first air medal last week."  I lost track of him a few years later, but I believe he survived the war.

Roger Drinkall was already devoted to the cello while at Noble Road School.  Around 1971 I heard him play a concert of particularly difficult modern pieces at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and we had a nice chat afterwards.  In 1998 I heard on an NPR music program, "Performance Today," that he died on 15 December 1997.  The commentator said, "...what a wonderful cellist he was.  What a wonderful guy."

I just learned (27 January 2000) from Derry Meuhlhauser (who went to Oxford Elementary and then Monticello Junior High, where most of these kids went after Noble Road) that Anne Hunter Jenkins and Loretta Lorz Bender went to Allegheny College and are well and happy.
Email from Elsa Mautz Stafford (13 January 2004)!

Email from Dick Gaebler (11 June 2005)! 

Hey!  Guess what?! 

(C'mon.  You hafta say What?)

Dick Gaebler hit town (26 June 2006) and we had a grand afternoon together--and it was just like old times: we pretty much took up where we had left off 53 years before.  He survived the Air Force and flew for Pan Am and other airlines before retiring about ten years ago.  Lives in Boulder, CO, now with his lovely wife, Kennetha.  Here we are in f ront of where Patrick Henry made his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech in 1775 that led Virginia to separate from Great Britain. 


Dick and I both choose liberty.

(As you can plainly see, neither of us has changed a bit.)

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