J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Info

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College--JSRCC--is one of the 23 comprehensive community colleges in Virginia.

JSRCC has three campuses, one in downtown Richmond, a rural one in Goochland County, and a suburban campus in Henrico County, about eight miles north of the city center. Classes are also offered at more than 25 other locations.

Enrollment: There are usually about 10,000 different persons enrolled at any time and about 15,000 during each full year.

About 25% are full-time students, most of whom attend daytime classes. The other 75% attend part-time. About half of all students attend evening classes. Here's a little table the bean-counters published recently:

Average Age
Full-time Students 25
Part-time Students 32
Overall 30

Female 58%
Male 42%
White 67%
Black 27%
Other 6%
More than 188,000 different persons have taken courses at JSRCC since the college opened in 1972--or about one person in four in the greater Richmond area.

About half of the students are enrolled in college-transfer programs leading to a bachelor's degree. Most of the other half are in two-year associate's degree programs ranging from accounting to legal assisting, nursing, and respiratory thearapy.

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