Transcript--"Iron Horse" Reading of the Poem

Here's how I imagine Dickinson might have said the poem.

	          I LIKE to see it LAP the Miles--
And LICK the Valleys UP--
And STOP to feed itSELF at Tanks--
And THEN--prodigious STEP

Around a PILE of Mountains--
And SUPercilious PEER
In Shanties--BY the sides of ROADS--
And THEN a quarry PARE

To fit its RIBS
And crawl beTWEEN
ComPLAINing all the WHILE
In hoooooorrid--HOOOOOOOOOOOting STANza--
Then CHASE-it-self-down-Hill--

And NEIIIIGH like BoaNERges--
Then--PUNC tSHual as a SSSSSTAR
SSSSSSStop -- DOSSSSS ile and omnNI ppppphhhhho tttttentttttt
Atttttt itttttttssssssss own sssssssstable tttttttdoor--


You might want to put some of the stresses--particularly some in the middle--in different places, to suit the way you understand the action.


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