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Standard Flight Situations--Cessna 152, smooth air, up to 3000 ft. AGL

Vy    67    Best rate of climb              Full        600
Vx    54    Best angle of climb             Full          0
      80    Cruise climb                    Full        300

      95    Cruise                          2300          0
      65    Slow flight                     1900          0

      95    Normal descent                  1900        800
      95    Maximum descent                 Idle       2000

      60-70 Power on approach, flaps up     1500        500
      55-65 Power on approach, flaps down   1500        500

      60-70 Power off approach, flaps up    Idle        800
      55-65 Power off approach, flaps down  Idle        800

Carb heat ON/HOT below 1900 rpm

Vso   Stall (or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration, gear down, flaps extended)
      Bottom of white arc

Vs1   Stall (or minimum steady flight speed clean, gear up, flaps up)
      Bottom of green arc

Vfe   maximum speed with Flaps Extended
      Top of white arc

Vno   maximum structural cruising speed--top of Normal Operating range
      Top of green arc

Vne   Never-Exceed speed
      Red line

Va    Design maneuvering speed--max speed at which can stall or maneuver Abruptly without causing structural damage.  Also max speed in turbulence.

Vlo   max Landing gear Operating speed
Vle   max Landing gear Extended speed

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