Lesson 83
30 August
.9 hours

Carol (my wife) gave in and went up with me in a Cessna172 today.

She'd been complaining all morning about feeling nauseated, so I was afraid she'd toss her cookies. I took it really easy, kept turns to 10 or 15 degrees of bank and altitude changes to about 200 fpm.  We flew over our house, but of course she couldn't see it because it's obscured by trees this time of year.  Then we flew out to where she works, and I made a very wide circle so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, it was in the 90s and quite hazy.  There was no horizon, just fade-to-grey.  Nothing looked clean and sharp, and colors were all muted.  There was a little turbulence below 1500 feet, so I stayed at 2500 most of the time, keeping to smoother air.  The only time I went much lower was in flying over our neighborhood.  Although I was afraid Carol might feel uncomfortable, I went down to 1000 AGL because we were getting close to Richmond's airspace, which starts at 1,400 feet about half a mile to the east..

Okay, she kept her cookies in the bag and seemed very calm, the whole flight, and I congratulated myself on making the flight comfortable enough for her.

Aw, but then after we got back home, she told me she didn't think she'd want to go up again right away because she'd been bored the whole time, except for the takeoff, the landing, and when we flew low over the house.

So much for taking it easy.

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