Lesson 81
24 July 1998
1.1 hours

This was just a few turns around the pattern in a Cessna 172, practicing landings and shooting the bull with Adam.

This time we went up in N73852, which I liked a lot better than 7739G.  The airspeed indicator is calibrated in knots, so it's easy to remember the V-speeds--most are just 5 knots higher than in the C-152.  The indicator is easier to read, too.  The flap switch is almost exactly like that in the 152, with a switch that you mmove to the flap position you want and the indicator right beside the switch.  (39Golf has a momentary ON-OFF-ON switch that doesn't tell you anything and an instrutable indicator off to the side.)  Also, it has better radios (or at least, they seemed more comprehensible to me today).  And it seemed to fly better--although again, that might just ahve been because I felt better today, or something.

Anyway, I did some landings to Adam's satisfaction, and we flew around a little, and now I'm checked out in 172s.

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