Lesson 69
8 June
1.3 hours

AWOS said, "Wind 340 at 12.  Peak gusts 19."  Counting the gusts, that was technically a bit much for students at Dominion Aviation, but it didn't give me any trouble.  After all, it was only 10 degrees off the runway.  And the air was surprisingly smooth above 1,000 feet, or so.  There were a lot of puffy little clouds--fair weather cumulus?--at about 5,000 feet, and I found myself going up and down as I flew beneath them at 2,000 and 2,500 feet, but that just provided good "straight-and-level" practice.  (Straight and level is no problem in N68608--unlike that 65545, which wants to turn left all the time.)

I did some ground-reference maneuvers--turns around a point and S-turns along a road.  It was good practice because of the relatively strong wind.

Then I just flew around for about ten minutes, looking for potential emergency landing fields, and trying to see what the airport looks like from the south, now that the foliage is heavy and full.  It's a little easier to spot the airport now--a clear line breaking the leaf canopy--and there's a big (ugly) blotch of red clay about 3 or 4 miles south of it.

Back at the airport, I did--

Along the way, I did two normal takeoffs and two soft-field takeoffs.   It was a nice day, and I had a good time.

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