Lesson 59
19 May
1.3 hours

Adam decided on maneuvers first:  steep turns, slow flight, stalls--just what I practiced yesterday.

Then it was time for the foggles again.   | oot settled down more quickly today, and soon began enjoying it.  Climbs, descents, straight and turning.  After about 45 minutes of that stuff Adam began calling off very small heading changes--5 degrees at a time--and had me begin a descent to 1200 feet.  I was wondering what was going on, when he got on the radio:

"Chesterfield traffic, Cessna four seven two five bravo, entering on the forty five for upwind, runway three three."

Cool! He'd had me enter the pattern on instruments--almost like a GCA.  I was a bit disappointed when he had me take off the foggles and turn downwind VFR, but the whole experience was fun and interesting.

The FAA examiner is booked until early June.  I still need to do the night cross country, some more instrument work, and a few other things--and hit the books again, hard, for the oral.

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