Lesson 58
18 May
1.4 hours

A nice, clear day, with no wind.  The visibility was good, with only a little haze.

I headed west to the practice area, trying to fly as steadily as I could, using the instruments instead of the horizon, hoping to simulate some simulated instrument practice.  Continued that exercise through several climbing and decending turns, with what seeme to be pretty good precision.  Then I did some turns around a point and some S-turns along a road.  All of this was realatively easy because there was almost no wind or turbulence, so I headed back to the airport after about half an hour.

Did four landings--not great landings, but okay.  One was a half-hearted try at a short-field landing that turned into a pretty normal one on short final, when I realized I was already too low to clear that invisible 50-foot obstacle at the end of the runway.  If it had been for real, I'd have gone around.

Of the four take-offs, the first was normal.  The second and fourth were soft-field, and the third, short-field.  All went okay, and I even managed to climb out exactly at Vx on the short-field one--easy (and comfortable) enough in the relatively still air.

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