Lesson 56
14 May
1.3 hours

Most of today's lesson was dual instrument practice.  The air was smooth, so I didn't have an excuse for overcontrolling--which was how I started out.  Eventually got settled down and after an hour of it was managing better to keep to the heading, the attitude, the airspeed, and so on.  I was surprised that slow flight on instruments seemed almost easier than at cruising speed--probably because everything happens more slowly at 45 knots than at 90.

Adam had me do a short field landing--which was interesting because we had had to extend a long way on downwind while someone ahead of us made a wide approach and took his time landing.  I was a bit low by the time we got to the boundary, had to add power, and then got going a bit faster than was really good for a short field.  Even so, it worked out all right in the end.

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