Lesson 53
1.6 hours

I just flew around locally in N68608 today, mainly to get the feel of it before tomorrow's long cross-country.  That C-152 has an older com and nav radio that dones only one thing at a time.  The one in 4725B lets you change to one frequency while talking on another.  One push of a button swaps frequencies.  The nav works the same way.  There's only one pair of frequency-setting knobs and a separate button to switch between com and nav.  It's handy--but confusing until you get used to it.  The simpler radio in 68608 is probably better for students because each gizmo does only the one thing.

But of course everything has its good and bad points.  The seat in 25B adjusts up and down, as well as fore and aft.  I like that because with the seat up I can see ahead better while climbing.  On the other hand, sitting lower in 608 puts the arm rest at elbow height, so it's actually useful.

After a few minutes of practicing ground-reference maneuvers, I flew north to see if I could find the house.  Flew two 360's around it, but with the oak leaves full out, it was all but invisible.  Try again in November.

Went back to the airport and did a few landings.  Tried a short-field takeoff, but it was a little gusty, and I wasn't gutsy enough to really enjoy climbing at 54 knots.

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