Lesson 43
30 March
1.2 hours

"Wind two four zero at nine, peak gusts eighteen."  That's what the AWOS said today.  Too much wind for me to solo, so I got Adam to go up with me for a little crosswind landing instruction.  AWOS also said, "Remarks.  Density altitude one niner thousand."  So it was as if the airport had gained abut 1700 feet in altitude.  The temperature was about 90; I don't know what the humidity was, although it didn't feel too sticky, at least not out in the breeze. Anyway, the plane didn't seem to climb with much alacrity today.

The air was a lot like on the previous Monday, breezy and bumpy, except that today I only had to work very hard--without the anxiety this time.  Even Adam had to work hard when he tried landing it once.  Did a lot better than I did, though.

Adam's count was eight crosswind landings.  It was excellent practice for me.  Now I feel much more confident about landing in stiff crosswinds.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we'll fly to Charlottesville.

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