Lesson 40
22 March
2 hours

Last of my supervised solos.  First Adam had me use the VOR to track to the Flat Rock VOR transmitter and practice intercepting various radials.  There's not much to the town of Flat Rock.  I could see the oddly-shaped VOR antenna to the north of a McDonalds, or some kind of red-roofed restaurant.  Then we flew south, and Adam had me do some stalls and an engine-out simulation--and then, after I'd gotten good and distracted, find the airport again.  I did some landings and then asked Adam to do one while I just sat and watched.  I was tickled when he got low on final and had to add lots of power.  But his landing uas really smooth.

After he got out, I left the pattern and flew to the reservoir before turning back and re-entering the pattern. Did two landings.  Didn't like the wind much, though--it was 290 at 10, with peak gusts of 15, which was about as much as I felt able to handle, even after practicing slipping against a crosswind with Adam earlier today.

Next:  unsupervised solo tomorrow if the weather's good, and another on Wednesday.  Tentative dual cross-country to Charlottsville on Thursday.

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