Lesson 37
11 March
1.3 hours

Lots more landings today.  Nine, I think.  The wind was 320 at 4 gusting 16 when we took off and 7 gusting 19 when we landed.  So it was right down the runway--no crosswind to worry about--but plenty of turbulence to keep me from getting complacent.  The landings generally went well, despite the gusts.  I managed to level off at the right height, hold it as the airspeed bled off, and flare to get the main gear down smoothly.  Also I was better able than ever before to pay attention to things besides just the runway.

I checked Ron Fowler's idea (in Making Perfect Landings) that you should find a final-fix point half a mile from the touchdown point and plan on being 400 AGL when you pass over it.  I'd earlier decided that the field east of Iron Bridge Road was about the right distance from runway 33--and sure enough, we were at 600 ft MSL over it when the VASI was red over white.  I also had a chance on one landing, when the wind had shifted slightly to the east, to see that Fowler's aileron drag advice probably works, too, although there wasn't enought time to test it.

On the other hand, when I asked Adam whether it's well to keep the nosewheel up after the main gear is down (without saying where I got the idea) he said no, that it's not necessary.

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