Lesson 33
26 February
1.6 hours

Soft field take off (simulation), slow flight, steep turns, power on and power off stalls, three normal landings.

This was to see if I was ready for the pre-solo checkride, and I did well enough--except for the landings.  Adam wasn't satisfied with what I was doing on short final, especially right over the end of the runway.  He explained that I was running the leveling-off, or round-out, portion of the landing right into the flare, making one maneuver out of the two.

The terminology seems to be flexible here.  But however you say it, Adam said I should level off higher than I'd been doing it--maybe about 20 feet up--and then hold that attitude while the plane slows and sinks.  Then as it settles down, flare out more and more sharply, so that the wheels just ease onto the runway.  I get to practice landings again tomorrow morning at (ulp) eight, ante meridian.

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