Lesson 158
07 December 2001
1 hour
A Look at Lake Chesdin

I've been curious about Lake Chesdin, a wide place in the Appomattox River above a dam west of  Petersburg, VA, so today I flew over to have a better look.

There was a high overcast, reasonable visibility (for a warm day here), and no wind, so the sixtieth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a benign day for flying in central Virginia.  I headed southwest to the upper end of Lake Chesdin and followed it eastward to the dam, a distance of about 10 or 12 miles.


Looking east here toward the dam.  A marina with a fnacy restaurant is in the cove on the left shore.   Dinwiddie County Airport (PTB) is the brownish patch in the upper right corner, partly covered by the strut.


From the dam I flew over to Dinwiddie, did a touch and go, and then came back and flew the length of the lake to the west.  After that I returned to Chesterfield County Airport (FCI), where I did a touch and go and one last landing to a full stop.

Here's the final approach to runway 33 at Chesterfield.

And that's it for Pearl Harbor Day, 2001.  No Zeros strafing the airport, no bombs or torpedoes into the dam.  Nothing remarkable at all about today's flight--and that's remarkable in itself.


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