Lesson 114
9 July 1999
Acro Lesson 16

Today's lesson--well, I was wondering how I'd hold up, after this morning's cross-country trip.  When I got to Greenwood's hangar the big round thermometer hanging on the back (interior) wall read 99 degrees--so it was warm enough.

He took off as always and turned it over to me to make a downwind departure to the north.  I climbed to 2500 feet while heading for the powerline that runs up toward Kings Dominion.  The Pitts was so much more fun to fly than that C-172, light and responsive, but I was surprised to find that I wasn't overcontrolling.  John had me do a loop first, then a couple of hammerheads.  I finally managed to point the nose completely straight down at the ground without his prompting (or, rather, before he prompted me).  A slow roll was next.

And then--the best fun--putting together a loop and a slow roll and a hammerhead in one continuous maneuver.  I'd done two together before, but three was really fun, really flying.

After that there were some cuban-eights and four-point rolls, and it was time to go home.  I did another slow roll on the way.

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