Lesson 109
28 May 1999
Acro Lesson 13

Today's lesson seemed to go quickly. John had me begin with a loop.  That evidently was satisfactory because he then had me do a hammerhead and then another followed immediately by a loop.  Next came a couple of cuban-eights.  Then it was time for slow rolls and four-point rolls.  And then all of a sudden it was time to head back to the airport.

I can't claim to be doing these maneuvers well--but I am doing them.  John still prompts me now and then, but less with each lesson, and I can usually get through all but the hammerheads on my own (though still somewhat uglily).  The hammerheads--well, I'm getting better at them, but still don't really have the feel for when it's time to jam in the rudder--that is, when the airplane is just about to quit going straight up.  It's easier if the entry speed is high because then the vertical phase lasts longer, giving me more time to sort things out.  Also, I still have to think the maneuver through before doing it.  Some others, such as the loop and slow roll, have become almost automatic now, and I don't have to concentrate quite as hard to keep from getting behind.  Sometimes.  I got way behind on the first four-point roll today and it came out wobbly and with five points.

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