Lesson 102
19 March 1999
.5 hour
Acro Lesson 9

I guess you never stop learning:  Somehow I wiped out both copies of the original version of this lesson--the one on my hard drive and the one on the web server.

The lesson--as I recall it now, two weeks later--had me doing some loops and rolls to warm up, and then some cuban-eights.

Cuban-eights begin with a loop, except that when you get about five-eights of the way around, you straighten out, heading toward the ground at a 45-degree angle.  The you roll upright and pull up into a second 5/8 loop and do it again.

I didn't do them terribly well, mainly because I either straightened out for the 45-degree downline too soon or too late, even with Greenwood coaching me from the back seat.  Cuban-eights are especially interesting because you go from about 2 g's at the top of the loop to 1 g negative when you straighten out on the 45-degree downline, and the ground looks a bit frightful, filling the whole sky upside down in front of you.

There was a lot more, but I can't restore it now.

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