Caerlaverock Castle
This page contains almost 400 k of photos, so the full versions will take a while to appear.  In the meantime, you'll see low-res versions of them.
This is your first sight of Caerlaverock as you approach it by road from Dumfries.  The view is roughly to the south.  There wasn't much sun the day we were there, so I borrowed this lovely romantic photo from
The east side, the day we were there.
A little closer.  The twin north towers, flanking the entrance.
The entrance and the drawbridge--or, rather, a modern bridge where the drawbridge used to be.
 The doorway, with the a carving of a stag and a holly bush above the portcullis.  You can see a bit of the courtyard in the background.
The carving enlarged and enhanced a bit.
Once upon a time in a kingdom by the sea there lived a princess, beautiful but lonely. All day long she sat in her room in the tower, gazing out of the window....
An alcove in the courtyard, with the southwest tower beyond.
From a postcard we bought near the castle: "Caerlaverock Castle as it might have been in the 15th century. From the drawing by Alan Sorrell, 1959."   The Solway Firth, which leads to the Irish Sea, is in the background, to the south.  These days, the outer moat is dry....
...but the inner moat is good and wet.  This photo is from  There are several other good photos there showing the view from the south of the ruined interior.
This is also from
The rear and east sides, with the ruined towed in the center.  (I found this photo on the Internet, but can't figure out where.  If you know, please send me email: (Sorry--please type it into an email message.)
View from the south west, showing some of the interior.  (From
 The castle was rebuilt for peaceful life in the 1640s by Robert Maxwell, the first Earl of Nithsdale.  (From

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